Tuesday, 12 May 2015

King and Queen of the castle (for the weekend)

The weekend in between my two interviews we stayed at Banwell Castle (between Bristol and Weston-super-Mare) for Bryce's cousin-in-law's 30th birthday. It was such a lovely weekend surrounded by Bryce's family who are all so welcoming, and it was so exciting to be staying in a castle – the owners have tried to keep the aesthetic as genuine as possible and it's definitely different to a normal getaway. 

Each room has a four poster bed and ours was the most colourful which made me very happy (I'm not going to lie though, it definitely wasn't the comfiest of beds) 

I was also able to have a bath, in what was coined the "Beamish bath" and used one of my carrots from my Lush "Bunch of carrots" which made for an amazing orange coloured bath which smelt incredible.

The day before the party we went to Weston-super-Mare. I'd say it was to see the sights and enjoy the beach etc, but really it was just so Bryce could go on the claw machines at the amusements: he likes winning and I like teddies – it's a perfect match. Over the last year Bryce has won several Minion toys for me, but we've always tried and failed to get the one wearing a maid outfit. Not this time! We came away with 2 Minion toys and they both came out within about 10 minutes – Bryce has gained some serious skills from all the practice over the last year or so. 

There was also 2 resident peacocks who were absolutely beautiful, but so noisy outside our window first thing in the morning! I don't think anything has felt more surreal than being at a party in the grounds of a castle for the weekend, with four poster beds and peacocks. 


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