Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Not quite a room tour

I could lie and say this is a room tour post, but I'd be lying. That is something I think I'm going to do for a future post though as my room and the stuff in it is my pride and joy. This is just something I needed to do after living out of a suitcase for several weeks and realising my room was an absolute cesspit. I gave it a total overhaul and a huge clear out because a tidy room = a tidy mind and holy moly my mind was a total mess. 

Welcome to my room
My room is my favourite place and I feel like it's got a lot of personality (because of all my "junk") I've also come to realise my desk hasn't been used for its intended purpose once. It's just where I store all my favourite little things and the books that won't fit on my bookshelf. Also, I will never let anyone tell me I have too many soft toys, there is no such thing (and this isn't even half of my collection, it's just all I could bring to uni)


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