Friday, 6 March 2015

Current reading situation

As a self confessed bookworm, I seem to see it almost as a challenge to read as many books as I can in a small space of time. I'm a fast reader, which is extremely helpful, but that's not to say I don't take it all in and enjoy it. In fact, it's quite the opposite; I enjoy them so much I'm just devouring them and wanting to see what the next page will bring. And with that lovely image in mind, here's what I've been reading over the past week or so: 

I'd almost finished "Girl, Interrupted" so I got myself some books from the uni library. I thought it was time I got down to some classics, else I'd have to stop calling myself an avid reader. I've been finding them a bit heavy going for bedtime reading, so I think they'd be better suited accompanying a morning coffee when my brain is less fried. 

Although I got this book for Christmas I hadn't actually started it until last week, where I read a couple of pages here and there on a night-time but was struggling a little to get into it. However, that all changed when I went home for the weekend and spent a collective 5 hours on trains, where I read the whole book. I'm not going to say I didn't enjoy it, but I will say it doesn't hold a candle to Nicholls' previous book "One Day", one of my absolute favourites. 

For a quick and easy read last week I settled on "Seconds", not only because it's beautiful, but because the story is so immersing. I find new things that I didn't notice before each time I read it. Also, it's just a bonus getting to open it and seeing it signed to you by the author. 

I've now started reading "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath, which I'm really enjoying. It's another book I got for Christmas but have only just got round to reading, but so far so good. 

What have you been reading lately? Any recommendations?

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