Friday, 6 March 2015

Endings and beginnings

Mental illness is something very important to me and close to home, so it's only natural that I make it the subject of some of my projects. Now that we're onto self-initiated briefs for our final semester it was clear to me that mental illness would be the first subject to tackle. I enjoyed working on my ISTD entry enormously, because I was so passionate about it, and I want to recapture that in a new area of mental illness and be much more specific this time around. 

Before beginning my new project I needed to perfect my ISTD entry ready to be sent off in the next couple of weeks. It felt really good to revisit it and make some small changes that made a HUGE difference to the overall look. However, drawing all over my original felt like sacrilege.

For my current project I'm looking at the mental health of prisoners, and how they face a double stigma due to being both criminals and victims of mental illness. Through my research into various areas of mental illness I became very interested in the statistics surrounding poor mental health in prisoners, although at first I considered this may be too much of a controversial subject. I haven't quite decided where I'm going with the project currently, potentially a campaign of some kind to raise awareness surrounding the issue, or an editorial piece. We shall have to see. 


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