Sunday, 22 March 2015

Let's talk business (cards)

(Apologies for the poor quality photos, they're from my Instagram account)

This week myself and Edwin attended a "networking event" at the uni, where we were able to talk to a range of people in the industry within Cumbria who could potentially open up a lot of opportunities for us. This would have been great if I wasn't so terrible at talking to people. I did speak to a few people though, and got possibly myself some work experience, so I can't have done too badly ey?

I'm getting off track here, but basically we needed business cards. I'd already made mine a few weeks ago, but never actually got round to having them printed. It wasn't ideal having to double-sided print at uni and cut out manually but I'd say they came out pretty good. For next time though, I'll be having them done professionally.

My design is an extension of my website and all of my personal branding, and feature 5 different faces to choose from – happy, happier, fangs, stressed and shocked. My favourite is the fangs, it seemed to prove popular on the night too! 


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